5 major mistakes during cooking of chicken

What could be simpler than cooking chicken? However, doing this you can make a number of mistakes that may affect taste and treat. Let's analyze the most common ones together.

1. Washing of meat
Chicken "Blagoyar" is heat processed before packaging. Thus, buying our products, you can be sure of their quality. Tap water can negatively affect chicken meat.

2. Removal of skin and bones
The skin and bones prevent meat form burning off and ensure even roasting of the chicken legs. If you do not like the skin, you can always remove it after cooking.

3. Re-freezing
If possible, this should be avoided with any products. Chicken is no exception. Re-freezing changes the texture of meat and weakens taste characteristics.

4. Immediate serving
Of course, seeing a golden-skin chicken, just from the oven, will awaken anyone's appetite, but its taste is better when it’s cooled to room temperature.

5. Flavoring cannot be too much
Sometimes it can be! Always dose the amount of salt and spices you use. Extensive use of these "decorations" can be harmful to your health and completely kill the taste of meat.