Life hack: How to cook a perfect chicken

Every housewife has her own secrets of cooking delicious chicken dishes. Blagoyar will share a few tips with you that your household and guests will undoubtedly appreciate.

Temperature conditions
Chicken meat requires a certain cooking temperature. In order to get the chicken the way you like - not dry and not raw – keep an eye on the temperature of the meat itself, not the oven. White meat - breast, wings – are preferably cooked at a temperature of 170 degrees. Legs and thighs referred to the "red meat", are prepared at 180 degrees. You can check the temperature with a special food thermometer or infrared one.

Flip it correctly
No matter how paradoxical it may sound, but for even cooking chicken meat is enough to be flipped just once.

Add salt evenly
In order to get completely salted chicken meat, you can use a trick. Dissolve the salt in water at the rate of 4 tablespoons per liter and soak the chicken (especially it is true to Blagoyar whole chicken). The time of withstanding is a matter of taste. Professional chefs recommend at least one hour, some recommend leaving for the night.

Let chicken meat breath
No matter how quickly you would like to serve the chicken "Blagoyar", you should avoid dense laying of meat in the pan. Firstly, by that you will increase the cooking time. Secondly, if the pieces of chicken lie loosely, they are baked evenly, while maintaining a delicate taste.

Marinade is more effective in the cold
For those who like spicy dishes, there is also a little tip. Marinate the chicken for several hours and preferably in the cold. So you will achieve optimal results. The only exceptions are kiwi-based marinade recipes. For them, half an hour is enough, otherwise the meat will lose its consistency.

It’s time for a hammer
There is another obvious trick to help you cook chicken better than in a restaurant. The chops as we know them are just evenly roasted meat and delicate texture. This is especially important when children are at dinner table.

The chicken just as you like it
Do you want to keep the taste and juiciness of the chicken? Then in no case remove the skin and bones from the legs and thighs of “Blagoyar” chicken. Bone heats the meat from the inside, and the skin does not allow moisture to evaporate. In addition, there must be lovers of crisp golden chicken skin in your family.

Choosing the right dish
The hostesses know, and “Blagoyar” simply confirms: a baking sheet or a frying pan is best suited for cooking of chicken.